June 20, 2018

Advancement of Religious Beliefs

1.1  Advancement of Religion Single-parent families are as vital and important as two-parent families, and they need to see God’s love for them in action through us.  In their frazzled lifestyles, they are often overwhelmed with the demands of life. Deep within them, they would want to attend church services and fellowships with their children and become spiritually healthy. As a Christian organization Neloshan’s most important trademark is to walk our Christian faith and ensure that this commitment is most meaningfully conveyed in our actions and in the way, we reach out to the single mothers. Our Heavenly Father has commissioned us to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and care for them with the love of the Lord.

Since we in Neloshan are not ordained ministers of the gospel (e.g. pastors or evangelists) our intention is to partner with churches and other Christian organizations. Through our household needs assessment exercise, we will already have identified the single mothers in the community. We have already discussed this partnership with church leaders who have agreed to disciple the single mothers on behalf of Neloshan. Using the Holy Bible as our guiding resource, the single mother will attend weekly bible studies facilitated by pastors/church leaders. In these sessions, they will be taught how to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus eventually leading to a personal commitment of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

They will be taught how to apply the biblical principles resulting to righteous moral living as they learn to trust the Almighty God for their needs as their faith in the Lord develops. They will equally learn how to pray together for themselves, for each other, for nations and for the communities they live in. These weekly connect groups will eventually give them identities to relate with as they get to know each other intimately as a faith family and to carry each other’s burdens. This will include encouragement to visit the sick and the believed among them within the society and also to rejoice with those who will have course to do so for example in supporting each other during weddings and other social functions thereby experiencing the joy of touching each other’s’ lives. Through these groups they will also be sources of encouragement to the bereaved families as well visiting the sick in hospitals