April 3, 2018


Farming in these areas faces challenges such as low crop yields, over-dependence on rain fed agriculture due to shortage of water, high costs of inputs and quality seeds, poor marketing systems and outlets, poor farming methods resulting to diminished crop productivity and increasing family food insecurity. These obstacles prevent single mums from thriving as farmers. As part of the Economic empowerment and in partnership with other stakeholders, Neloshan will promote the following training activities, but will not restricted to:

  • Training on agricultural techniques
  • Training on organic farming in view of high quality improved products
  • Market linkage for maximized profits from sales


Exposure to the above-mentioned trainings will result to positive and powerful impacts as the yield per acreage from the income generating activities (IGAs) will increase, leading to:

  • Self sufficiency
  • Resource efficiency
  • Rural poverty reduction
  • Food security
  • Financial independence
  • Overcoming emotional as well as social barriers associated with economic lack
  • Self-confidence and a sense of societal worthiness