April 3, 2018

Hair Dressing

Why focus on hair care?

  • It is an economically viable service that makes both the service provider and client happy, eventually leading to single mothers financial stability and freedom.
  • It is one of the few small- business industries that has potential for growth regardless of the economic status of a country.
  • A hairdresser generally works in a diverse commercial environment (including large, medium, small or mobile saloons as well as in client’s homes), offering a range of services and treatments to the hair of their individual clients. These include braiding, weaving,coloring, styling, chemical reformation and special hair treatments as well as the ability to analyse hair types and conditions and be able to offer best professional advise to the client.
  • Neloshan recognizes the commercial opportunities that single mothers who are talented hairdressers would have and therefore plans to empower them economically to start their own small hair dressing businesses .

Neloshan recognizes the economic potential and business stability in hair care industry based on the following:

  • Helping people feel and look good about themselves by providing salon services and products is key to running a successful beauty salon business. No matter how rocky the economy of any country becomes, looking good is still something most people will put as a priority in life.
  • While It is possible for customers to cut back on salon services due to financial constraints, few will stop visiting completely because they view salon services as a small treat they can retain.
  • Hairdressing also has an important therapeutic role in supporting individuals’ self- esteem and confidence.
  • A good hair-style has a way of making a client feel virtuous about herself which is a priceless benefit.
  • A good hairdresser will always be assured of customers/clients because unlike other service industries, hairdressing services cannot be outsourced, automated or auctioned off to the lowest-priced provider.
  • Even more importantly, no matter how advanced technologies will get in the future, people will always want that personal connection that a business like a salon gives, and that means the value of this industry is likely to be even greater in the future than it is now.
  • Salons offer a range of services, from basic to high-end with varying pricing levels which helps the customers to control how much they want to spend and the industry is consequently able to weather such economic conditions.
  • In addition, beauty salons also sell hair products (e.g shampoo, conditioners, colors, weaves and weaving hair) which have high profit margins and this additional income contributes to rapidly expanding financial opportunities for single mothers.