Organizational Structure

Neloshan International comprises three parts:

  1. A Canadian registered not-for-profit charitable organization. This office acts as the advisory body for Kenya and the other out-posted country offices. It is also, responsible for raising awareness. In addition, it is the main fund-raising body concerned with publicity; soliciting sponsorship donations, fund raising activities, financial planning and accounting, as well as providing grants to the out-posted country offices.
  2. Neloshan International-Kenya is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya and serves as the implementing agency. This organization receives the grants provided, which it also supplements with local fundraising. This office works in close collaboration with the Canadian office and for all financial strategic matters they will operate as one entity.
  3. The resources of Neloshan International are utilized in (a) marketing Neloshan as a program to educate and encourage single mothers to register in the program (b) to identify training institutions to facilitate training of participants in a variety of business skills and professions (c) to train the rural-based single mums on agricultural techniques, organic farming in view of high quality improved products, and on market linkage for maximized profits from sales