March 29, 2018

Our Story

Neloshan International is a Christian charitable organization with a two-fold mandate of empowering single mothers spiritually and economically. It was founded in 2014, by Immaculate Njeru, who has been a single mother for over 30 years.

Through her own experiences and observing the challenges that single mothers increasingly face as they raise children single-handedly – particularly in her homeland Kenya, she has seen the need to empower them with skills, that impart hope for a brighter future.

As a devoted Christian, she believes that despite the challenging circumstances and obstacles she has experienced, only the grace and faithfulness of the Almighty God has brought her this far, and that is the testimony that she purposes to duplicate to other single mothers. Her passion is to use her life as a source of encouragement, to show-case God’s faithfulness.

Neloshan International currently has 2 offices;

  1. As a Canadian registered not-for-profit and charitable organization. This office acts as the main office, that is also, responsible for raising awareness, fundraising, establishing relationships with potential partners, financial planning and providing grants to the out-posted country offices.
  2. As Neloshan International-Kenya is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya and serves as the local implementing agency. This organization receives the grants provided, which it also supplements with local fundraising. .