Who We Work With

These are important partners who are placed to help Neloshan with its future development and include but are not limited to:


  1. Government Agencies/Departments in field offices. All government ministries including key Government of Kenya (GOK) departments such as Education, Health, Gender culture and social services, Agriculture, Water have a presence in each of the Neloshan’s operation Area.
  2. Impressive human resource: In addition to the above, the field offices have impressive human resource. The notable community-based professionals include agricultural extension officers, veterinary officers as well as other retired professionals viewed by community as key opinion leaders.
  3. Financial institutions in field offices: These provide banking and other services such as loans to the members. The micro-finance institutions encourage people to save from their small incomes. All the major banks in the country have branches within the program area such as Standard Bank, Equity, Cooperative, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Barclays, and CFC Stanbic.
  4. Churches, Christian Organizations and ministries: These groups of people will implement the mentorship/discipleship program, which will serve as the spiritual foundation course. This will include bible study sessions, prayer time as well as spiritual counselling sessions
  5. Individuals, businesses, Foundations, Organizations and well-wishers for financial support. The Founder has written a Strategic Business Plan that sets out operational activities, strategy, objectives and financial projections with a view to seeking seed capital funding for implementation of the program.
  6. Training institutions for professional skills (Food production, hair dressing, beauty, tailoring and agricultural techniques): the women will be taken through an individual gifts and talents assessment, geared towards helping them identify a viable income-generating venture/business that they can embark on to support their families. Depending on the outcome of the gifts-and-talents assessments the single mums will then commence their vocational skills training.
  7. Empowered Single mums: Neloshan will create a roster of alumni role models from within Neloshan so that alumni can recruit new clients to form social support groups
  8. The Founder has designs on expanding the program into other areas of Africa once she has gained a foothold in Kenya. Discussions and consultations with pastors and church leaders both in Nigeria and South Africa have been on-going and similar spiritual as well as economic empowerment comparable to those in Kenya will be implemented once funding is available