spiritual and economic empowerment for single mothers


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Spiritual Empowerment

Through spiritual empowerment, Neloshan will positively impact single mothers and their families as their relationship with the Almighty God and with members of the community are strengthened. Additionally, this will promote a positive moral and an ethical framework contributing towards a better society as well as individual comfort, solace and a sense of purpose. (Click above photo to read more..)

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Food Production/Basic catering

A majority of informal sector activities in Kenya are related to food-processing and production. Food production is suitable for income generation for single mums because the capital requirements are small, there are readily available raw materials, easily understood technology and accessible markets. (Click above photo to read more..)

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Hair Dressing

The hair dresser forms a client’s hairstyle according to their wishes. Hair dressing services include hair care and washing, fashionable haircut, combing, coloring, weaving, braiding, straightening hair and other services. (Click above photo to read more..)

Go to Esthetician (for Manicure, pedicure facials and skin care concerns)

Esthetician (for Manicure, pedicure facials and skin care concerns)

In today’s world, women are becoming more aware of fashion industry and its social-economic contribution particularly towards urban life style. City women especially want to look meticulously more “beautiful” and fit and as a result are willing to pay a premium towards the products offered by the mushrooming beauty parlors. (Click above photo to read more..)

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In exposing single mums to this industry, they will be introduced to the basics of couture sewing and pattern making to develop essential skills for garment manufacturing. Applying these professional skills will assist them in producing a variety of garments. (Click above photo to read more..)

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Most single mothers who reside in the rural area in small hereditary arable parcels of land, practice a wide range of livelihood activities ranging from subsistence, cash crop (Tea), and horticultural agri-businesses. (Click above photo to read more..)

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Simple Book keeping and Management Skills

In addition to the vocational skills training the single mothers will be expected to undertake a mandatory “Simple Book keeping and Business Management Skills” training where they will be taught how to use their numeracy skills in improving their businesses. (Click above photo to read more..)

Our Founder

Immaculate Neema Njeru

As a devout Christian, Immaculate firmly believes that only the grace and faithfulness of the Almighty God brought her through all the challenging circumstances and obstacles she experienced. That is the testimony that she purposes to share with other single mothers. Her goal is to use her life as a testimony and a source of encouragement, to show-case God’s faithfulness to those who wait upon Him. Her organization’s goal is to foster a Christ-centered relationship with other single mothers to encourage them to develop strong personal skills and re-kindle in them a sense of hope for a glorious future.

What does this mean for Immaculate? Watch video below.